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Lunchbox guidance, inspiration, and troubleshooting

The ultimate lunchbox course for you! This course has everything you need with 5 modules, 33 lessons, a photographic Lunchbox Gallery, and three downloadable resources – the Lunchbox Gear Checklist, Lunchbox Planner, and Lunchbox eBook. The best part? It’s self-paced, available 24/7, and comes with lifetime access to support you throughout your child’s childcare and schooling years.

Lunchbox Course
Lunchbox Course
Lunchbox Course

The course is for you if you’re…

Unsure where
to start?

Embarking on the childcare or school journey with your little one? Feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of lunchbox gear choices? Not sure about what and how much food to pack? Want to set your children up for lunchtime success?


Are you tired of constantly having to think about what to pack for your child’s lunch? Are you stuck in a food rut? Are your kids bored of the same foods?


Worried about food safety, choking hazards, or common food allergens? Concerned about fussy eating, variety, or your child not eating anything? Want to learn how to tackle common lunchbox complaints from your children or address instances of lunchbox policing?  


Looking to uncover practical ways to organize, streamline, and make your lunchbox-packing routine more efficient? Wondering how to involve your children in the lunchbox packing process?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s what you’ll get

Expert advice

Current, evidence-based guidance that’s also realistic – because we understand what it’s like to be a parent and feed children.

Bite-sized content

Everything you need to know about lunchboxes! 5 modules and 33 lessons, thoughtfully designed for busy parents like you.

Lunchbox inspo

A dedicated food module, a Lunchbox Gallery showcasing 33 photographic examples, and a downloadable Lunchbox eBook brimming with 300+ lunchbox ideas.

Lunchbox gear guide

Information on the lunchbox gear essentials and extras, advice for how to choose the lunchbox gear that suits your child and family best, and a downloadable checklist for when you hit the shops.


As parents, we often worry, and children, well, they’re not shy about complaints! We help you navigate a range of common lunchbox scenarios.

24/7 lifetime access

Access the course anytime, anywhere. Come back to it as often as you like throughout your child’s childcare and schooling years. Enjoy FREE access to any future upgrades or improvements we make to the course.

Meet your course creator

Chelsea Green
Paediatric Nutritionist, Feeding Specialist and Mum

I’m committed to helping parents and educators raise confident eaters. Armed with a Bachelor of Medical Science (Nutrition) and post-graduate training in paediatric nutrition and feeding, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. 

Beyond my professional credentials, I’m also ‘Mum’ to a primary-school-aged boy, and the chief cook and lunchbox packer in our family. I understand the challenges parents face in today’s world, juggling busy lives and wrestling with information overload, contradictory and confusing advice, and societal expectations.

I created the Lunchbox course because I know that you’re looking for a trustworthy, up-to-date, and practical resource that will support you throughout your child’s childcare and schooling years.

Ready to get started?

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