Is your child a fussy eater? Are you experiencing mealtime battles?

Our Comprehensive Feeding Assessment is conducted over several weeks and will help you understand the underlying causes of your child or family’s feeding difficulties and develop a plan to resolve them.

When is a Comprehensive Feeding Assessment needed?

You are experiencing entrenched child and family feeding difficulties (e.g., fussy eating, mealtime battles)
You’ve tried to resolve the feeding difficulties yourself, but you need further guidance and support to do so
Feeding difficulties are causing you, your child, or your family considerable concern, worry, anxiety or stress.

A Comprehensive Feeding Assessment includes:

Pre-appointment preparation and administration
Client Intake Form
3 x Telehealth video appointments (2.5 hours total time)
Data analysis (medical/growth, nutritional, developmental, psychosocial, feeding dynamics) and report preparation
Personalised and detailed report describing the assessment outcomes, recommendations, and action plan
Post-appointment follow-up and administration


The total fee for a Comprehensive Feeding Assessment is $1,800.00 (including GST) which will be split into 3 equal payments of $600.00.

Please refer to our Booking, Payment, Attendance, Cancellation, and Refund Policy for more information.

Got a question?

If you’re unsure whether a Comprehensive Feeding Assessment is needed, or you want to find out more information, please book a complimentary Introductory Call.

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